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once upon a time…

I went upstate recently to spend the weekend with my niece and nephew. While sitting around with my brother, I remembered that somewhere in the house lived my old skateboard… so he went digging in the garage and produced it – sans wheels and trucks, but the last remnant of my skateboarding past.

Most people don’t believe me when i tell them I used to skate… well, here is the proof.

in case you’re wondering, i skated goofy, and as this shredded board shows, took it just about as seriously as i do my running these days. which reminds me, i need to get back to that half marathon training…

I’m back…

About a month ago Apple killed mobile me, which meant my website built with iweb was dead and gone. so i’m finally, slowly rebuilding my website…in wordpress. I know, I know. it’s lazy. I know how to write code, and I have dreamweaver on my dock. but I use wordpress all day at work, so it seemed like an easy transition.

To start, I have 6 small galleries up. Don’t read the captions too closely, I haven’t filled those in yet. Just wanted to get some pictures up. I’ll continue to add back in the old portfolios, re-edit what I have up (it clearly needs it).. and just might surprise you with some new work… because I have some projects in mind.

stay tuned.