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Francesca Woodman…

Francesca Woodman Exhibition at the Guggenheim 2012

(from the Guggenheim)

She’s been lurking in my head again.

I admit it, I’m a Francesca Woodman pusher. I’ll show her work to anyone and everyone and make them fall in love with her. Recently, I discovered a documentary about her (family) – streaming on netflix folks:

it got me thinking about her work again…i also saw the comprehensive exhibition of her work at the Guggenheim back in the Spring. it reminded me how relevant her work still is, and how unique and powerful it is. one of the great surprises at the exhibition were the large non-silver pieces. this was work i had never seen before – and surprisingly was very reminiscent to a body of work i did in grad school. funny how the influence was there and i didn’t even know it.

Guggenheim Museum April 2012

Guggenheim 4/12

i went back to the Guggenheim recently. it’s an expensive museum, but always well worth the trip. this time i went in search of the catalog from the show. i’ve been wanting it for a long time, don’t ask why i didn’t get it sooner..

i’m glad to have it on my coffee table now. it reminds me when i get home to make art. not forget my passions.Francesca Woodman book it makes me sad that she took her life at such a young age. no matter how bad things get, i’d never throw myself off a roof over a guy. (although i’m sure there was much much more attributed to her suicide).

i can only imagine the ART that she would have continued to produce if she had not given up. but i’m thankful for this book that reminds me of so many important things.

Tiny Iceland blog post

Reykjavik Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

I recently had the privilege to write a piece for a fantastic website called Tiny Iceland

My piece chronicles the 4 days I spent in Iceland back in June – including photos  – some not included in my portfolios here.

I’ve also included lots of links to the places I visited – so READ it!!!

Memories of a Perfect Weekend in Iceland

I forgot that I like to write every once in awhile…

a few unrelated thoughts… on running and the olympics

i’ve been watching the olympics and have a complaint, actually a few.

why is it that every time i turn on the tv to see what they are covering, i’m left with only a few options: beach volleyball and/or synchronized diving. seriously? this is the best you can do nbc? there are so many interesting sports to cover – and i realize for ratings, nothings beats a hot chick in a bikini…but seriously.

my other option is to stream it online. thank god i have cable. but wait – i need to know my log in to watch it? now i need to dig into my archives and figure out what my log in was when i signed up for my auto-payments. that was a few years ago. it doesn’t seem fair for the rest who don’t have cable that a normally FREE station now costs money to access coverage on the olympics. greedy.

one interesting sport i learned about – thanks to an article that a journalist at work wrote ( – is handball. something not played in the US – so we don’t have a team playing. the article i read was about the icelandic handball team:

it’s a great read, and i recommend it. so – after digging up my time warner password, i settled in for a match on my dying laptop of france -vs- iceland. 2 countries i visited this year, and i love them both equally. so it was hard to decide who to root for. but the article on the iceland team pushed me to be on their side. and they won. let me tell you- that was a million times more interesting than beach volleyball. i was actually on the edge of my seat – it was a tight game. iceland won by a point, i believe. i’ll be rooting for them when it comes to the gold match. and i bet i’ll have to watch it on my computer.

while i’m on the subject of sports. i’m training for my third half marathon. Healthland – one of the blogs on is following my progress. so far there are just 2 articles – one about long distance running, one about playlists. nothing too serious – but knowing that eyes are watching me – i have no choice to push myself hard.

I hate training in this summer heat.. i would say, anywhere between 50 and 60 degrees is the ultimate running weather. so this is going to be a challenge.

©lizronk photography

i’ll leave you here with my favorite new running companion – compression sleeves for my calves. 18 miles last week, looking at 19-20 this week. they are my new best friend.