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summer 2012 just can’t end fast enough for me.

Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland photographed by Liz Ronk

the weather was perfect – Iceland June 1, 2012

it started with such a bang.. the beautiful temperate weather in Iceland in June fooled me. silly me for thinking it would continue in new york city. instead it was a hot, humid kind of miserable summer spent on a treadmill. but thankfully, fall is around the corner and i can bid adieu to the last few months.

Leaves changing color in Brattleboro Vermont, Photographed by Liz Ronk

Brattleboro, Vermont – August 30, 2012

i experienced the first signs of fall last week. in Vermont, the leaves are just starting to change (sadly, probably due to the lack of rainfall) and a few nights dipped into the 40’s. sweater weather. and i could not be happier.

the fall has always represented new beginnings for me. having a birthday that falls at the very end of summer, cusp of the fall… i feel like it’s my new year. time to reassess my priorities. new goals. 3 years ago i decided to give running a try. that was truly a gift, as it’s become a part of who i am.

this year, i had a few more dollars, so i bought myself a bike. it’s my new treasure, and i can’t wait to ride it all over this city, over bridges, into the depths of brooklyn and river road in new jersey that i’ve heard so much about.

Scott road bike at Zen Bikes, New York City

me and my new bike! August 2012

along with this, my miserable treadmill runs will turn into glorious runs in central park.

so come on Autumn, speed it up. i have sweaters to wear, pies to bake and days to fill with new adventures.