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Liz Ronk running the 5th Ave Mile in New York City

Photo by Gail Winiecki

in the midst of training for my next half marathon, i ran the fifth avenue mile in nyc a few weeks back. the exciting news is that i ran my fastest mile to date – 7:23 minutes. granted it was just one mile, but it proves to me that hard work and training does work. did i mention that i ran an additional 10 miles after the race? well, yes i did (clearly not that fast, of course).

now my third half marathon is just days away, i’m in taper mode, and all i want to do is run. if all goes as planned, next year at this time, i will be preparing for my first marathon – the ING NYC marathon.

until then… i’m going to do my best to enjoy the half, hope to break 2 hours, and not be to angry at myself if i don’t.