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Brooklyn Half Marathon 2013

Brooklyn Half Marathon 2013 finishers medal Lizabeth Ronk

May 18, 2013..

the road to my first marathon continues with the Brooklyn Half Marathon…

this was a big one for me – coming full circle. i ran this 2 years ago – my first half marathon with a respectable time (for a first time out)… and this year i came back – ran it a full 10 (TEN!) minutes faster than i did 2 years ago, and ran a 4 minute PR from my last half in the fall. amazing.

the weather was great – and even with the huge volume of runners (20,000+), it was a fun race with lots of room on the road to stretch out. i highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great half to run – and i’m sure i’ll be back next year to run it again.

now i need to line-up some more races before it gets too damn hot, and the real deal marathon training gets into full swing…

Brooklyn Half Marathon 2013 Finishers Badge Lizabeth Ronk