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countdown to the next 18 weeks…

June 30th it is – the start of an 18 week program of training to prep for the nyc marathon.

in case you missed it – i’m running with the ny flyers these days, and they have hired out the runsmart program – which i’m about to embark on.

it’s going to be a challenge – this whole philosophy of the minimum amount of effort/maximum results.

i gave it a go on saturday, just to see how it felt. according to my “vdot” – (which i really don’t understand – but once i really get it, i’ll explain it here)… i should be running my easy runs at a 10:30 – 11:30 pace. WHAT? seriously, i feel like i could walk at that pace. i ran an “easy” 5 mile loop in central park – consciously tried to slow it down – which i did – and ended up at a 9:40mm. when i finished that run, i felt like i could go another 10 miles. is that what it’s all about? all i know is that according to the plan, i need to slow it down even more.

before the program has even started, i’ve learned a valuable lesson:

it takes more concentration, and is much harder to really slow your pace down than to speed it up.

Vdot time for the New York City ING Marathon 2013in case you’re wondering – my “vdot” says i will finish the marathon in 4 hour and 3 minutes. in my mind – i was thinking more like 4 hours 15 minutes. but now that i see that number – of course, of course – i want to run it under 4.