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Marathon training…week THIRTEEN

garmin forerunner 305 screenshot of run in central park new york

13 weeks down, FIVE to go. at this point, i can start counting days, hours, minutes.

but before i get ahead of myself, better recap the progress made this week.

turns out (to somewhat of a relief) – my achilles issue is more than likely tendinitis. time to get myself to the sports doc, and get this sorted out before i hit the starting line (in FIVE weeks).. ice and advil are my two new best friends in the meantime.

otherwise – the week of running was just like another week at the office. my group had a really tough run on wednesday – speed – it’s always hard. this time, 2 miles (x2) at threshold pace, which is around 8:10mm or so. fast for me.. in fact, i think it’s quite fast for a lot of people (just not for the super speedy).

this morning we had a challenging marathon paced run.  30-90-10, around and around the 5 mile loop of central park. this run is basically 30 minutes easy, 90 minutes hard, 10 minutes easy. above is a record from my garmin. of course i forgot to start the watch after the last water stop – so it turned out to be closer to 14.75 miles – in 2 hours, 10 minutes. my hard pace was supposed to be 8:53 – which, looking at this now, i see i did better than that – so the pain i feel now is satisfying! in fact, if this was a race (taking into account the slower paces in the front of the run) – i think i’d be crushing my half marathon PR..

looks like 35-40 miles a week of hard training really does have a pay off!

next weekend i have one last group run with the run smart MTP.. 17-20 miles. i’m aiming for 20 b/c mentally, i just need to. in the meantime, i’m taking a nap.

Marathon training…week TWELVE

view of manhattan bridge and brooklyn bridge from brooklyn

Brooklyn run (pause) 9/21/13

week 12 – here we go. a quick recap.

i’m feeling like an old pro at this now. i almost feel like i should start counting down to the big day rather number the weeks of accomplishments. every week presents itself with a learning curve, however.

this week – speed work was done under the lights in central park – around a baseball diamond below the reservoir. i’ve never run there, didn’t even know it existed! but it was the perfect spot for intervals – and the weather could not have been more perfect. did i mention the waffle dude was set up on one end? no, i didn’t indulge – but i sure looked forward to running by it over and over again for the smell alone. one of  the best things about these group speed drills are the people in my group i run with on wednesdays.. nothing like a little peer pressure to keep up with the group to push you to be your best! (i mean that in the best way).

originally i was planning on the famed palisades run – but on the advice of my coach, i stuck with the program and did a “bunch run” – which seems to be a favorite of the run smart guys. to be honest, i like them as well – it makes the runs not seem so hard. basically, 2 long(ish) runs in 24 hours. yesterday was about 14 miles, today was 8… rather than doing a full 20 in one clip… that will come, soon enough.

the longer of the 2 runs was a bit of an adventure with my teammate kristin. we met up at columbus circle, ran down the west side, over the brooklyn bridge, along the brooklyn waterfront (up and down) – and back over the manhattan bridge ending up at city hall.  i’ve come to realize these long runs are so much more fun with company..  the picture above is a quick view of the bridges from brooklyn heights while on the run..

all in all, another great week of running – even with the minor achilles issue i’m having. thank god for ice!

Marathon training…week ELEVEN

72nd street pier in Manhattan, new york city

Post-Run stretch on the 72nd Street pier 9/14/13

wow – how did i get to week 11 already? past the half way point.. and honestly? kind of ready to wrap this up and run this race!

no new major milestones this week. there was a blast of summer midweek, which made for a very hard and sweaty threshold speed work. the good part of that was (probably) the last post run smoothie run at juice generation. it’s been my expensive habit while training… but well worth it.

short but sweet post this week… picture above is from yesterdays tempo run – a 2 hour run up and down the west side highway. my original plan was to run across the brooklyn bridge and end up somewhere along the new park over there. but the 72nd street pier is a nice one, with a cafe – so a great place to stretch out post run..

Palisades coming up this Saturday! i hear the hills are killer.. i’m still on the fence whether i do 15 or 20 miles…

stay tuned!!!

Marathon training….Week TEN

cows in vermont heading to the barn to be milked


obviously, i did some running in vermont earlier this week – and thankfully – was faster than these cows that were heading back to the barn to be milked after a long, exhausting day at pasture!

but in all seriousness… it was another good week of running, full of adventure. the week started off with a pretty easy 5 mile run around the town of Brandon, Vermont. continued mid-week with a crazy ladder work-out on a quiet street in Brandon (my first speed work without the group/coach)..

i came back to NYC – before the frost settled in Vermont, and ran a nice 7 mile run in central park… after the hills in saratoga last week – it was a welcome change. although, i really am getting a little bored with the same old predictable views of the park – but do appreciate the predictable water fountains along the way. i’m looking forward to the leaves changing to mix it up a bit.

and this weekend.. full of milestones for me.

yesterday i ran the NYRR Autism Speaks 4-miler.. and ran a PR despite some lingering bronchitis. 8:19 minute mile. i’d be remiss to say, i was really aiming for 8:13mm – but a PR is a PR… a few short years ago, i was jumping for joy for finally breaking 10 minutes..

And today – was the first coached/paced long run with the Flyers. my group stopped at 17 miles (some went on for the full 20). personally – i’ve never gone over the 13.1 mile mark – so this was a big one for me.  we started in the upper east side – and did 3 bridges – Brooklyn, Pulaski, and Queensboro. it was a great challenge – and as i crossed the Queensboro towards the end of the run, i really started to question how the hell i’m ever going to finish the full 26.2 miles.   but with 8 more weeks of training.. i think i can do it.

it’s exciting to hit new distances, uncharted territory. below is a map of my adventure today!!

(now back to my nap…)

map of new york city showing the 3 bridges run

3 Bridges run

Marathon training….Week NINE

Training for the ing NYC marathon at  the saratoga battlefield

Saratoga Battlefield

I’m now officially half way through training.

this has been an interesting week… I’ve been coughing up a storm, at the beach, on the subway, at work…even to the point where my coworkers felt the need to check in and make sure I wasn’t choking on something.

so rather than take my chances on being sick for my first vacation of the year, I had it checked out.


i still did the speed work on Wednesday eve.. 200’s x4 uphill – 2 miles threshold – 200’s x4 uphill. I ran them a little slower than my norm, and perhaps a little reckless on my part.. But done and done.

so now I’m on vacation… Feeling better.. And have had some amazing long runs in my hometown of saratoga springs. Saturday I ran 11 miles in the spa state park and today (Sunday).. 9 miles at the Saratoga Battlefield. Both runs were challenging, lots of hills and humidity.. But wow, so beautiful and scenic (see above).

and my brother patrick was a true rock star this weekend and joined me on the 20 mile journey this weekend on his bike. …oh, and I’m a year older as of Friday.