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Marathon training…week FIFTEEN

used up mizuno and saucony running sneakers

3 weeks to go!!

43 miles this week – and now begins the very slow taper down to 26.2 miles.. thankfully my coach still has me running 5 days a week right up to the end, the milage just slowly reduces.. i believe 30+ miles this upcoming week, than about 20 per week the last 2… i keep hearing about anxiety during the taper.. i’m hoping that i can just enjoy the easy taper.

a few thoughts on this week?

tendonitis still in my ankle/foot. crap. today i actually said “ouch” to myself as i rounded the corner towards the end of my easy 8.. ice. advil. ice… and i guess i need to toss in some rest in there.

marathon flags are up in central park!!!! so exciting. maybe i’ll get a shot for next weeks post.

todays picture, you ask?

that would be my shoe graveyard.. aka, almost 4 years of running. – minus 2 pairs of sneakers – the ones i’m wearing now, and a pair i keep at work just in case.. both mizunos.

Posted by lizronk on October 13, 2013

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