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Marathon training…week SEVENTEEN

2013 ING NYC Marathon Flags near the finish line at Tavern on the Green in Central Park

2013 ING NYC Marathon Flags near the finish line at Tavern on the Green in Central Park

well, this is it.

i keep hearing cliche sayings like “the hay is in the barn” – and well, i guess it is.

i admit, i didn’t cross-train (unless you call a few laps in the pool back in september, or a few loops of central park on my bike back in august cross-training).

i didn’t stretch enough.

i didn’t work on my core, lift weights.

i didn’t. i didn’t i didn’t.

but you know what-  i really did train my ass off the past 17 weeks. i never missed a work-out. i followed my calendar to a tee. i let go of any preconceived ideas of training and trusted jack daniels, his coaches and the VO2 Max. i know i’m a better runner, that’s for sure. my going out for a “jog” pace is now faster than my 10K race pace from back in may! i did something right, that’s for sure. and i feel ready, prepared and great. my tendinitis has even eased up in the past week as i’ve “enjoyed” the taper.

26.2 miles, New York City Marathon? i got you.

regardless of my final time – i’ll be proud of myself for just crossing that finish line. truthfully though, like most athletes, i do have that magic number i want to hit – for me, it’s 4 hours. realistically? 4.15 hours.

to recap. i start at 10:30am – Green corral – #49326

i’m still a little bummed about running the lower level of the verrazano – and the fact that a possibility exists that i may get peed on from the runners on the upper level less than thrills me. so i’ll run in the center, take it nice and slow, soak it in (atmosphere, not pee!).. all the way through brooklyn… not let the crowd “scramble my eggs” on first ave.. and finish strong. that’s the plan. and as my coach andre has warned us – go out slow otherwise risk being “carnage” at the end. i do not want to be carnage. i will not be carnage. perhaps that will be my mantra.

i can’t promise a quick recap next sunday – i imagine smiles at the finish line, copious amounts of food, and perhaps an ice bath. after that, i promise a full recap on my first marathon…

wish me luck!!

Posted by lizronk on October 27, 2013

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