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2013, the year that was…

Sunset in Oahu - November 2013

Sunset in Oahu – November 2013

i’m not sure where the year went, even though looking back, 2013 felt like an eternity – so much happened.

i declared it early on, the year of running and the marathon.. but sure got off to a rocky start. i probably had the worst case of the flu i’ve ever had starting January 2nd.. and followed that up with a broken heart a few months later… Once i got to April, though, my year took off and it turned out to be one of those monumental, important years. I guess all of them are though – but this one in particular was full of new achievements and milestones.

Where to start…

career-wise? i continued my tenure as the photo editor of the LIFE archives at Time Magazine. What an honor.. i get to look at some of the best photographs all day long and re-tell stories. i also had the good fortune of being asked to photo edit not one, but two books – JFK and Civil Rights. Sure is nice to see my name listed so high in the credits of a picture book. i made visual decisions for the general public – both in these books and somedays i realize that my 100k+ education/BFA/MFA were well worth it.

yesterday, i found out that one of the few surviving LIFE photographers passed away. at 92 years old, it’s not surprising. but still a note of somber and dose of reality on how short life is. a reminder to live in the moment and not the past.

Not only did i have these great career milestones – but i really did make the year about running.

i ran 10 races in total – included in there were multiple PR’s, a half marathon and my very first marathon – the ING NYC Marathon. if that isn’t an accomplishment, i don’t know what is!

i approached the marathon like a job. trained with the run s.m.a.r.t. coaches.. and put in over 1000 miles on my legs this year. i’m not sure if i’ll go there in 2014 – but who knows… i do have guaranteed entry to the 2014 marathon, and have the NYC Half to look forward to in March…

i have no idea what to expect out of 2014 – but i do plan on making it an epic year. full of new accomplishments and reaching new goals. i have a few things in mind..

until then, i’m going out for an easy loop of central park to close out the year.