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block prints and half marathons..

block print based on a photograph from Oahu, Hawaii... 1/2013

block print based on a photograph from Oahu, Hawaii… 1/2013

this winter has been killer… the polar vortex completely curtailed my training plans and i’m way behind. thankfully – running isn’t my only goal this year. there is so much more..

but, lets start with this damn half i signed up for. back in december, at the very last minute, day before it closed (to be ┬áprecise), i decided to throw my name in the lottery for the NYC Half – assuming i wouldn’t get in, but liked the idea of a short term goal. well.. i got in. it’s been a rough training season so far.. i finally gave in and put my gym membership back to good use. ┬ábut i hate it, for the most part. thankfully, the weather was nice today, and i got a nice 9 mile run in the park.. at this point, i know i can finish the half.. at least i better, i ran a marathon just a few months ago! but the question is, do i RACE it? or just run it? i hate the idea of having a miserable time – struggling to finish, etc. i have about a month to see where i end up. next year – i’ll remember to skip this race, and just wait for the brooklyn half – which i love – and sadly procrastinated too long to enter, and missed the boat on that.

here is what i accomplished today.. not a bad run, not a great run. i miss the days when 9 miles literally felt like a little jog in the park rather than a struggle…

Central Park Run Garmin GPS Tracking

9 easy miles in Central Park.. (well, not that easy).

beyond the crap weather – there is a lot of good art to be seen in museums and galleries – Capa at ICP, Carrie Mae Weems at the Guggenheim, Richard Serra down in Chelsea (x2!!!) etc.. (all good) – and if i can muster up the strength to sit in a theater for 5+ hours, i’ll be at BAM for Matthew Barney… hmm.

along with art to be seen, there is also a lot of art to be made (see above)… i’ve started a series of block prints, based on photographs from my travels.. not sure what i’ll do with them.. maybe start sewing them together, or not. it’s more or less just a release of creative energy.. fine art? probably not..

stay tuned for more art updates, and perhaps a note or two about my running adventures..